Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Chanel Jardin de Chanel - Camelia Rose Blush

Let's pretend I didn't declare any kind of silliness about buying nuthin' because THAT is just ridiculosity.  Eh?  Eh?

You know when you just have one of those weeks when you are sick and tired and tired and sick?  After work I flounced into the Chanel boutique on East 57th Street to see if the Spring 2015 collection was out and yes, yes it was.
I came out with a little black shopping bag, tied with a white grosgrain ribbon and adorned with the white CHANEL camellia flower.  A little retail therapy can feel nice.

I had my eyes set on this beauty.  It doesn't even matter that we are only just approaching winter.  What a beauty.
It is heavily rose scented, which may or may not bother folks.  I loved it, the whole scented and intricately embossed floral pan.

Quick swatch here.  I have Rose Ecrin on the left and Camelia Rose on the right.
It is a very pretty pink.  While is it not exactly the cool lavender tinted pink of the promotional images, it is certainly cooler than the warmer Rose Ecrin.  There are some sparse shimmer visible in the pan, but it applies satin on my skin.  It is very soft and only moderately pigmented.

It killed me a little bit to swatch this thing!  It is very tiny, smaller than a regular US Joues Contraste and even smaller than the baked version.  There is that.

Retail therapy lately, too?

And thank you all so much for abundantly shopping my blog sale!  There are a few more items left (all lovely things) and I'm sure they would be so happy to live in your vanity!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Blog Sale - New Stuff

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I am also in the process of combing through my brush collection.  I've added the above as well as a few more brushes.

I've reduced all other prices on the blog sale on remaining items.  Please take a look!  Click the above picture to go directly to the sale page, or click here.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Tom Ford Traceless Foundation Stick

The Traceless Foundation Stick is one of two original foundations offered by the brand when it launched and it was one of the first items I purchased from the brand (along with the Ravish blush and the Cream Foundation brush ).
With my skin becoming drier (for an oiler person) and more sensitive with the cold weather, I ended up repurchasing this foundation, but in a paler shade than my first purchase, in Pale Dune.  I didn't get a sample at the counter to validate my color choices, but made sure to swatch huge strips on my lower cheek into my jawline and into my neck to make sure.  It was between 02 Pale Dune and 03 Fawn, and double checking with my friend from thepaintedapron on Instagram, I ended up with Pale Dune.  I think depth wise, the shades are similar, but Pale Dune was more yellow and Fawn more neutral.

This is a fuller coverage foundation with a very dewy finish.  It feels rich and emollient, but doesn't end up making me feel like an oil slick.  On my current state of the skin (dry and sensitized, prone to flakes), it is a great match in formulation.  For such a fuller coverage formula, it still feels very light on my skin.

One con is that it doesn't completely set and can transfer if swiped and pressed upon.  For that reason, I generally set with a loose powder (I've been really enjoying the Rouge Bunny Rouge one).
Here are some color comparisons if you are like me, something around NC15-20.
(links to some of the above foundations: Addiction Tinted Skin Protector, SUQQU Frame Fix Cream Foundation, Chantecaille Future Skin (here, here))

With Pale Dune, I was using my Tom Ford Cream Foundation brush, but was unhappy with the application finish.  Since the formula of this foundation is so creamy, I felt the bristles left streaks which required further buffing, which was irritating my more sensitive skin.

dampened and given a good squeeze on a towel
Ah!  Beauty Blender to the rescue!  When thoroughly moistened and squeezed out of excess water (I blot and gently squeeze with a towel), it expands into a very soft and cushiony pillow.  Gentle bouncing of the sponge onto the skin yielded a really flawless and beautiful finish.

You've seen my naked face many times before.  Here it is again.  I got brow stuff on.
To use the Tom Ford Foundation Stick, I swipe the stick directly onto my face like so:
You can be judicious with product application, but the Beauty Blender tends to sheer out the coverage a bit.  "Boing Boing Boing."  The smaller tapered end of the BB is excellent for areas like around the nose and under the eyes.
THE color match: perfect match to my neck.  Great yellow tones that doesn't run orange or too, too warm.
And how it looks close up on the skin (with no setting with powder).
No mask!  Just skin!
It is a portable stick, with a great lustrous finish and a coverage level that can be layered for full or sheered out considerably.  I can also use additional product to conceal areas requiring concealing.

I'm very happy with this product and even more so the second purchase around.  Using the Beauty Blender has particularly upped the foundation game for me.  What about you?  Do you have a tool + foundation combination that is impressing you these days?  Any re-found old loves to share with us?
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